Battery Storage Solutions


British Manufacturers of the most flexible energy storage solution on or off the grid.

In this time of rising energy costs for both utilities and Diesel fuels, along with the increasing drive towards accessing more and more renewable energy services such as Photovoltaic cells, the need to harness and make best use of that energy has never been higher.

Organisations want to make the most of their renewable investments and there are few better options than looking towards the latest generations of Battery Storage Solutions. Systems that give the user the flexibility to harness the renewable energy generated on a site, so that it can be used when required to maximise on their investment and reduce their energy costs quite significantly.

We are very proud to be working with a British manufacturer of Battery Storage Solutions at Multi Source Power. MSP are a manufacturer who have spent several years developing some of the most advanced modular Battery Storage solutions currently available on the market, systems that can be sited on premises requiring a much smaller footprint to be sited than almost all other manufacturers.

Working with their team of experts, we can design, build, and deliver Battery Energy Storage Systems for both on- and off-grid applications. Our high-performance modular BESS fully integrates into any power plant to accelerate return on investment on projects across the globe.

We have a wealth of experience with solutions across the UK and internationally leveraging our low OPEX, energy-dense technology to enable customers to optimise their energy objectives and create new revenue streams from frequency balancing, curtailment and other grid services including dynamic containment.

Our storage systems also provide solutions to projects outside of traditional markets, where stable power can be scarce and investing in the right equipment is vital in providing consumers, businesses and investors with stable power grids. Our grid-forming BESSs tour the globe fuelling high profile events, providing power solutions to some of the remotest communities and reinforce island grids through hybridisation, DC-coupled solar and other renewables.

Our systems are proudly British Made, working to enable the UK and countries around the world to achieve their net zero carbon ambitions.

Outstanding Products

Powerful | Modular | Integrated | Fast


The most flexible utility-scale energy storage solution manufactured in Great Britain with 1Hr to 4Hrs+ output, and ultra-low lifetime OPEX and installation costs. Working with multiple power sources and output configurations, the Flex-ESS1000 provides the ultimate modular approach to scalable ESS applications for MW to multi-MW projects.


Designed to provide solutions for commercial and industrial customers, the Flex-ESS500 guarantees grid security, enhances renewables generation and provides UPS backup to keep business as normal. All this in an IP64 shell with the smallest footprint you will find on the ESS market to allow rapid, simple and low cost installation.

Flex-ESS250 Hybrid

Compact, energy dense and built to withstand the elements, the Flex-ESS250 Hybrid is the solution for businesses looking to collocate battery storage with their planned or existing solar and wind generation and for those looking to deploy EV charging equipment. Its rapid installation and discreet size allow a flexible deployment and powerful utility.