Energy Procurement




With energy prices currently increasing at unheard of levels, many of our customers were becoming increasingly frustrated, that despite their best efforts to manage and monitor their energy consumption costs were continuing to spiral.

We therefore took a long look into how else we could possibly help them. In partnership with The Get Switching Group, whose speciality is getting businesses a better deal on their energy bills, we have been able to provide our customers with a no obligation service to compare their current costs or quotations if at contract renewal time, with some of the most competitive rates available, thus allowing informed decisions to be made.

They have been monitoring the energy market for more than 15 years, comparing and negotiating the best deals so you can spend your time where it’s most valuable – running your business.

With a wide range of tariffs, they can get you the best deal from the market, whilst protecting you from future market increases for as long as possible.

Whether you are a small to medium enterprise operating out of one office or a large corporate business with multiple locations around the UK, they guarantee to beat the renewal rates you have been offered by your energy supplier. Their team of pricing specialists can get you a quote in minutes, switching you on to the most sustainable deal for your business and ensuring you avoid market volatility with contracts that can be fixed for up to five years!

And, with expert knowledge on energy efficiency measures, together we will go one step further than the rest by actively reviewing your business energy spend to find further savings through simple, unobtrusive and, most importantly, cost-effective technologies or initiatives.

Fixed Business Procurement

To ensure peace of mind we can offer 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month contracts. Our extensive knowledge in the market will allow us to put your business in a contract that suits for you. We will always make sure to offer you a fixed tariff to ensure transparency and savings.

Flexible Business Procurement

We help businesses understand the importance of variable or fixed contracts and how this will work for them. Variable tariffs are usually for 12 months in which the rate can inflate during that period, however, they do start off cheaper than a fixed tariff.

Basket Business Procurement

If you’re a company that has multiple sites, we have the relationships with suppliers to be able to offer basket deals which are below the threshold of pricing. Basket pricing will not only combine all of the contracts to end on the same day, but will also land you a discounted rate below the current market.