Why Use Us?


Energy managers, are becoming increasingly aware that utilising the detail available from sub-meters installed on their sites, provides them with invaluable information on how and where their energy is being consumed. The ability to monitor energy by consumption type or area offers real insights into where energy is being used.

Future Focus Energy provide a full turnkey Secondary Metering solution, whether it be a new site still in design phase, or retro-fitting a monitoring solution to an existing building.

For a new site, we will work with consultants to design the metering and monitoring strategy from the outset. From being supplied copies of original schematic drawings, we ensure that the correct meters are specified along with the necessary data collection hardware.

Most commonly however we are asked to provide bespoke solutions for existing sites. On these occasions we will carry out site surveys, discuss the clients’ requirements and then provide a solution which would include all elements from building the metering panels and coordinating site installation, through to commissioning and liaising with a sites IT department if required to connect onto their networks.

The data then collected by the monitoring system can be pushed up to the cloud for collection and viewing by our own Energy effects software.

In addition, with the current requirement for monitoring energy use also being implicit in part L2 of the UK Building Regulations, which implements EU Directives aimed at lowering overall energy consumption and reducing carbon there has seen a massive increase in the number of Secondary sub meters now being installed in the field.

Because Future Focus Energy can manage every aspect of the project, the client has one point of contact to liaise with, enabling them to spend their valuable time doing what is important to them.

Working With Future Focus - Our Process