Humanised Energy Monitoring Software

To coincide with the launch of our new website in the next few weeks, we are very proud and excited to be releasing our latest software “Energy Effects” Developed in-house by our experienced energy monitoring team, we thought it was time for something new.

What’s different or unique you may ask – well quite simply we have “Humanised” it as we like to say. I believe it is one of the easiest packages to navigate and understand, because all said and done, if the system either appears to busy or complicated the user will not be engaged and will therefore only log in and use when they have to, rather than embracing it.

“Energy Effects” will offer several services from simple customer focused dashboards located in reception areas, to traditional analysis and reporting, tenant invoicing module, even instantaneous monitoring will be available, all of which can be accessed from any web enabled device. the big difference is how it engages users.

From Nationwide retail and commercial portfolio’s to manufacturing facilities, we believe this will engage users from complete software monitoring novice to experienced energy and project managers.

Using the latest meters and logging technologies, we will be able to offer a full turnkey solution or alternatively we are more than happy to work with organisations that already have metering on site, but would now like to be able to monitor and analyse their energy consumption.

All very exciting and I will update more details over the coming weeks, but if anyone has any questions, please just drop me a line