New functionality added to our OCPP to Modbus TCP&RTU Protocol Translator

We implement Smart Charging Operations based on charging profiles to combine usage priority, schedules and power limitation in the EV charger from the Modbus BMS.

The OCPP to Modbus Protocol Translator offers direct integration of up to 20 Electric Vehicle’s charging stations over OCPP 1.6 into any Modbus RTU or TCP project. Integrate Electric Vehicles Charging points based on OCPP 1.6 with any Modbus RTU or TCP controller or connect the chargers to an external OCPP Central System and monitor them via Modbus.

What’s new:

Smart Charging operations to monitor, manage and restrict the use of charging devices describing time intervals with power/current limits to optimize energy consumption.

OCPP Smart Charging profiles are a combination of usage priority, schedules and power limitation. The BMS can create and manage these profiles, to be stacked and merged in the EV charger to combine complex charging profiles.

Now it’s your turn, provide a full energy management integration of the EV parking area creating and managing these profiles from your Modbus BMS or BEMS.

  • Optimization of energy usage in the parking area AND in the whole building
  • Priority charging times and power levels for the vehicles connected
  • Scalability of the EV charging area, adding more charging spots to the EV parking area.

Get ready for the EV revolution, integrate Electric Vehicles Charging points operations in your Building Management System.