Why Future Focus Energy Limited?

Having founded Future Focus energy some four and a half years ago, I am proud to outline briefly below, how far we have come and what makes us that little bit unique, along with the impending launch of our new website, these are very exciting times for our team.

Future Focus Energy are an Energy Management company, who provide the latest energy metering and monitoring solutions supported by our own in-house intuitive software “Energy Effects”, to the Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Facilities Management sectors.
The metering and monitoring systems we provide allow tiered secure access so that your energy can be effectively monitored.

Remember The Golden rule though – Before you can save Energy – Your firstly need to understand when and where it is being consumed, that’s why by Humanising our software, and making it easily understandable to all, it allows our customers to engage fully with all of their colleagues and maximise energy reductions and savings.

We offer site surveys to determine most beneficial monitoring solution. Panel build and manufacture, Installation and commissioning services. The systems provided using some of the latest and most compact logging solutions, allows the user to view their energy consumption from any web enable device, from a PC to Tablet to Smart Phone our In-house software, “Energy Effects” Humanises energy monitoring, making it understandable an easy to use for all user levels.

Future Focus also offer Energy Monitoring solutions for projects who require compliance under the Code for Sustainable Homes, allowing credits for Electricity and Heat to be gained.
Future Focus Energy provide a one stop solutions for the following sectors:
Retail – From supermarkets to high street stores – enabling users to monitor specific areas and systems within their whole portfolio.

Industrial – Enabling production processes and equipment to be effectively managed
Utilities – Assist with preventative maintenance – identify via text or email alerts when field equipment ie pumps are starting to use more energy and preventative maintenance can be scheduled preventing costly breakdown
Facilities management – Enabling effective building management to be introduced, and for landlords fully compliant MID metering can be installed allowing tenant energy recharge to be accurately and legally invoiced as required.

If you would like to have a chat or discuss how Future focus can possibly help your organisation reduce your energy, please just drop us a line , we would love to hear from you.